Florenco is committed to incorporating sustainable work practices. We balance our client’s environmental policies with our own to ensure, when possible, we undertake practical approaches to environmental sustainability. As a small business with 19 employees, we take pride in being a leader in environmental work practices within our industry.

Environmental stewardship

Within our operating procedures we attempt to make a difference by incorporating smart, sustainable procedures. On-site power equipment is low emission and low noise. Our green waste is diverted from landfills to the appropriate waste facilities while plastic plant containers are deposited at recycling depots.

As part of our Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) we limit the use of pesticides. When pesticides are required we use the safest products available to minimize environmental impact.

Our king-sized hanging baskets are 100% recycled annually.

Review our Florenco Environmental Policy Plan.

LEED program

Florenco is experienced with the LEED rating system and the complete process including reporting requirements. Our staff can provide references. We can be an important resource for clients undertaking this qualification process. Our team can work with your consultants to identify key landscape components requiring modifications to meet LEED specifications.

Contact Daniel Stone, Corporate Safety and Sustainability Manager, to discuss the Florenco commitment to environmental stewardship.